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  • Arabian Sabre

    Arabian Sabre replica. It measures 18" inches in length. It is constructed of heat tempered  steel. Has wood handles with finger grooves and heavy brass tang guards. Comes with a  leather sheath. New in the box. Shipping is $9.95


    Confederate Cavalry Officer Saber
    This is a detailed, impressive replica of a Confederate Cavalry Officer's saber. It has a high-carbon steel blade measuring 31-1/2' long. Is detailed with fine etchings like that of the orginal, and has leather-like handles with wire wrap and a solid brass guard.


    U.S. Cavalry Artillery Officer's Sabre

    This is a replica of the U.S. Cavalry Officer's Sabre. Measures 40" overall, highly polished, 34" carbon steel blade. Has brass accents, brass pommel and hand guard, & nickel plated steel scabbard with lanyard rings.


    German Luftwaffe Dagger

    This dagger is a mirror of the one designed for German Nazi officers in 1938, has a 9" stainless steel double edged blade with polished silver engravings,the wrapping design featured on the handle is one of the original characteristics, includes antigue silver plated blade scabbard 15" overall. SHIPPING 7.95


    German Diplomatic Officer's Dagger

    Replica of a Diplomatic Officer's Dress Dagger used during World War II. Constructed to replicate the actual diplomatic official's dress dagger featuring cast metal eagle head pommel with coordinating outstretched wings and German insignia guard. The 9 3/4' stainless steel blade is mirror polished and fits neatly into the cast metal blade sheath. Measures 14 15/16' overall length. New in the box. SHIPPING  7.95


    Hitler Youth Knife

    Replicated from the original 1937 knife, has a 6-1/2' etched stainless steel blade, black checkered grip handles and an impact-resistant sheath. Measures 10-1/2' inches overall.SHIPPING 6.95


    U.S. Cavalry Artillery Officer's Sabres (Pair)
    These replicas are a pair of U.S. Cavalry Officer's  sabres. They measure 40" overall. They have highly polished 34" carbon steel blades, with brass accents & brass pommel and hand guards. Also has nickel-plated steel scabbard with lanyard rings.


    U.S.M.C. Commemorative Sword
    This U.S.M.C. Sword features actual styling from the original Marine military issue dress sword. Total length is 36" with a 28-1/2" blade that is constructed from 420 stainless steel and has scrollwork & USMC lettering on a mirror finish. The brass plated guard and tang are accented with nylon cording - the leather scabbard is adorned with brass plated tips.


    USA Artillery Mini Sword

    Measures overall 21-1/2" with a 16-1/2" unsharpen carbon steel blade,with etching on both sides with black imitation leather wrapped handle with brass hand guard, metal scabbard as brass hardware A great collector's item for the Civil War enthusiast shipping weight 3 lbs


    Union Foot Officer's Saber

    A replica of a Union Foot Officer's Saber. It has a 33-3/4' inch carbon steel blade with etchings like those found on the orginal. Measures 40' total in length, and features solid brass guards and a solid steel scabbard. Shipping weight 7 lbs.



    Confederate 1840 NCO Sword
    Exact replica of the Non Commission sword introduced in 1840, a 29-1/4 carbon steel blade with etching, solid brass handle & hand guard and a solid steel scabbard measures 35-1/4 overall , flag not inclued,


    Confederate Officer's Sword

    A replica of the Confederate Officer's sword, made from high carbon steel,29--1/2" blade with etching, brass hand guard with imitation leather wrapped handle with brass wire, and a solid steel scabbard measures 35-1/4" overall flag not inclued


    Civil War Union Staff Officer Saber
    The Saber is a full size reproduction with a carbon steel blade just like the originals and features leather like material, and wire wrapped grip handle, with a solid steel scabbard . The blade itself is elaborately etched and detailed, for higher ranking officers The overall length of the saber is 37 inches


    SS German Officers Dagger

     A Replica of SS Officers dagger, measures 13-1/2" long, with a 8-1/2" mirror polished blade, with the SS Motto,the scabbard has the linked chain bearing SS runes, new in box shipping 7.95



    Marine Corps Officer Sword

    This is a reproduction,cross hilted curved scimitar like sword, it had origins in Persia from where the syle migrated to India, Egypt & North Africa, it was adopted in the 19th century by British Army and the United States Marine Corps, a sword of this type was presented to Marine Corps Lt. Presley O'Bannon by the Turkish viceroy in 1804 during the First Barbary War, he led the successul attack in the Battle of Derna 1805/ giving the Marine Corps Hymn its immortal '' to the shores of Tripoli'' Three Navy Ships have been named USS O'Bannon in his honor, Marine Officers continue to carry a sword of this type, ivory like grips. and United States Marines marking, and etching, made of Stainless Steel, measures 38" total, comes with a cloth storage bag, a great collector item, new in box shipping weight 7 lbs




    U S Calvary Sword
    The sword is a full size reproduction with a carbon steel blade just like the originals and features leather like material, and wire wrapped grip handle, filigree hand guard, with a solid steel black finish with brass hardware, scabbard . The blade itself is a more straight designed & elaborately etched and detailed, for higher ranking officers The overall length of the sword is 36-1/2 inches. shipping weight 6 lbs


    U.S.Army Rangers Association Dagger

    Measures 11-5/8" overall,7' 420 stainless double edged blade etched ''Life-Liberty-and the Pursuit of All Who Threaten Us" full tang Pakkawood handles with brass guard,comes with nylon belt sheath shipping 7.95


    WW 2 German Dress Sword

    German Dress Sword Replica. 36- 3/8" overall. 29-3/8" stainless blade. Black composition handle with twisted wire wrap. Polished metal guard and pommel. Imitation leather covered scabbard with polished metal fittings.new in box shipping shipping weight 5 lbs


    WW II German Paratrooper Knife

    Reproduction German Paratooper knife measures closed 5-3/4" & 7-3/4 open, stainless steel with the german marking insignias for a collectable appeal , new in box shipping 5.75


    Nazi Balkan & Kuban Theaters Knife BK1487


    Two little known Nazi campaigns surface on this one-hand folder. Shields worn in the Nazi Balkan and Kuban theaters form the bolster, with "Blut und Ehre!" (Blood and Honor) screened on both sides of the blade. 3 1/2" blade. 4 1/3" closed.new in box shipping 5.75  


    WW II German Folder Knife


    Reproduction German knife measures closed 3-1/2" stainless steel blade & handles with the german marking insignias for a collectable appeal , new in box shipping 5.75




    Arabian Bowie 12 in Blade

    Has a 12" stainless steel blade, wood handles, brass gaurd & pommel, total lenght 17" with a belt loop sheath new in box shipping 9.75


    German World War ll Dagger XL1207

    Reproduction double edge stainless 7-1/4" blade, handle is gaurd and hilt is solid metal, measures overall 12"and metal scabbard gaurd and handle has the infamous Nazi emblem, new in box great item for the collector. shipping 7.95


    German Dress Eagle Ivory Brass Dagger

    Reproduction of one of the many German daggers of WW II, one of the almost impossible to find, faux ivory handle looks almost identical to the original and the cast brass pommel and spread eagle guard with German insignia, The 10 5/8" stainless steel blade is cast with ornate details of scroll work down the blade brass sheath with coordinating scroll work. The sheath has attached belt loops for wearing like a German officer would. 15 3/8" new in box shipping 8.95


    Combat Commander Boot Knife UC2657

    AUS8 stainless steel blade. The handle is constructed from injection molded impact resistant TPR with a brass lanyard sleeve. Includes shoulder harness sheath.or can be used on a belt, 5 1/4" blade. 9 1/2" overall. new in box shipping 5.75


    Bodyguard Dagger Knife BK950

    double edge knife is with a 4 7/8" razor sharp black anodized blade, solid rubber handle for a firm grip, and a custom belt sheath. 9" overall, new in box , shipping 5.75



    1860 U.S. Naval Cutlass

    This is an impressive replica of the U.S.1860 Naval Cutlass,It has a high-carbon steel blade that measures 25-1/2'. Has a wire-wrapped handle surrounded by the brass basket hand guard. The sheath is made of a leather-like material with brass tip. Shipping weight is 7 lbs.



    CSA Cavalry Sword

    This is a fine replica of a Confederate Cavalry Officer's sword. It measures over 33" inches long, and is detailed with the intricate C.S.A. etch located half the length of the 28 1/4" inch stainless steel blade. The handle is wire wrapped and has brass plated guard and pommel. The scabbard has brass like fittings. Shipping weight is 6 lbs.



    *This firm and its associates hold no sympathetic regard toward Nazis, fascists, or other neo-political parties, past or present. The products listed here are designed for historical puposes only.*